What is ActLikeMe?

ActLikeMe is the platform that connects aspiring actors and models to movie makers and advertising agencies for a potential movie or modelling roles. Anyone can sign up with your basic details and create your portfolio to get discovered. It's free!

We welcome everyone to ActLikeMe, regardless of your age, gender, height or skin colour. It's a big industry and jobs get published every day for all sort of faces.

How does it work end to end?

1. Candidate signs up and creates his/her portfolio with pictures and videos. It's absolutely free.

2. Casting Agencies, Movie Makers, and advertising agencies find the details of the candidates through search and sends a connection request. Upon accepting the connection the candidate can directly communicate with the casting agency by exchanging their email and contact number.

3. Casting and audition calls from the movie makers and advertisers get added every day. Candidates who have created the portfolio can browse through the casting calls and apply for the suitable ones with a press of a button.

Is ActLikeMe a movie production or advertising agency?

No, we are not. We do on-board movie makers, advertising agencies and their potential casting jobs on to the platform, so the candidates with the matching portfolio can apply for the roles to be shortlisted for the audition.

How can I become an actor or model?

The first step would be to create a stunning portfolio of your pictures and performance videos. You can do that by just signing up and is absolutely free.

Will everyone get casted for roles?

ActLikeMe platform helps your face and talent to be discovered by the numerous movie/advertisement/television production companies who are on the search for fresh faces every day. We are not guaranteeing roles for all, but we do every help to get you notified of the new roles coming up and keep you informed as soon as someone interested to cast you.

I don't look like an actor or model, should I sign up?

You are absolutely unique, so be confident. No one like you before, and No one to come after you either. More than the look, the suitability for that specific character is all about casting. So invest your effort to build a great looking portfolio of photos and performance videos, and you have a high chance to get discovered.

We welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, height or skin colour to join our platform. Once your portfolio is created, keep an eye on new jobs that get added every day and for any connection requests from the casting agencies.

Are my personal details safe?

We put our best effort to keep your personal details safe and secure, and won't be shared with a third party without your consent. You will receive connection requests from other members (movie makers, casting directors, and advertising agencies. You can review their profile and credibility before accepting or declining. Even after the connection request becomes successful, only your name, age, and location becomes visible to them. Until you exchange your contact details through direct messaging, your details are not shared.

Are all the casting calls genuine?

We do the checks as much as we can to ensure that the casting calls are genuine to avoid anyone misusing the system. However, for your own safety and peace of mind, we strongly recommend you to do your own research about the agency or the person who contacted you, before you commit for any roles or while exchanging any personal information. ActLikeMe is a platform that enables the connection but it's entirely up to the users of the system to make decisions on what action they should do.

How would you stop an indecent approach?

For any message or request that you receive from the other party, if the nature of the communication is concerning, you can press the 'report this user' options so that we will be alerted of that activity by the user. We will investigate that activity immediately and take necessary action against that user if they have breached the platform usage policy.

Together we can make ActLikeMe a safe and fair platform for everyone to enjoy and benefit.

Can someone use my images and videos without my consent?

Unfortunately, that is a risk with all the public shared digital assets on any platform. All the images and videos uploaded on to our site will have a watermark of ActLikeMe to minimize the copyright infringement. If you see a portfolio, image or video which is breaching copyrights, please report that to us and we'll investigate as the priority and take immediate action to reduce the occurrences in future.

How can I share my portfolio on social media?

You will see the share button that allows you to share your portfolio links on your social media page, via email and text. That's the best way to earn more likes and views and being at the top while searching. More likes and views help the portfolios quickly discovered on search engines.

Can you help to create my portfolio?

We recommend you to seek help from a friend or a family member as we believe there must be a photographer genius in every family or friend circle. You may follow our guidelines on different postures of the photographs while taking and uploading. You can also approach a fashion photographer or studio for more professional looking photos and videos. After all, it's an investment, the more interesting it is, and the more chances it brings in. If you need help from us, please reach out to us on and we will provide you a few recommendations of great photographers in your area.

What video should I upload?

For actors, we want them to narrate their act while recording along with a good search friendly textual caption to have it easily discovered on searches. It can be the re-creation of a scene from a movie, but your actions should be how you would perform that character and must not be a mere imitation on how the original actor did the perform the role. As a general note, you should limit the length of the performance video to be less than 30 seconds as there is a size restriction apply on video uploads.

What type of roles gets posted?

We have a dedicated team to liaise with movie industry professionals and advertisers. We review their jobs before making it public for the candidates to apply.

I see many candidates have uploaded the pictures of celebrities?

Every picture or video that is added to the site goes through a control and review process before it gets activated for public view. It's unlikely that our control team will miss out a celebrity picture being misused, however, if you spot any, please do raise with us immediately for us to take necessary action. There is ‘report this user' option on portfolio and communication options.

How do I make a suggestion?

Please do write to us on We love to hear your feedback and take every opportunity to make our service better and more enjoyable for our platform users.